Social Media Tips for 2016

Social media marketing is the best and cheapest way to advertise your product or services. However it must be done in a subtle way.  Here are a few tips to achieve the same.

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Social media is becoming increasingly popular across the world. While the number of Facebook users across the world is 1.49 billion, Australia accounts for almost 1% of that number with 14 million users. It also has 2.8 million Twitter and 5 million Instagram users. Social media marketing (SMM) opportunities must therefore not be ignored. Here are a few tips to make the most out of Social Media channels.

Quality of Postings

People are no longer interested in pure business and commercial postings. They like to have something which will be useful, in fact, that’s their motive behind liking your page or channel. Obviously, they do not want their timeline to be bombarded with ad postings. They do not want to be pushed into installing apps or entering sweepstakes contests. Therefore, the more useful content you provide, the wider will be your reach.

Have Specific Goals

Each of your target audience uses specific social media channel. So your content needs to be tailored to suit that particular channel. Some of them may be active on Facebook while some others may be active on twitter. Another set of people will be active on YouTube while others may spend time on Pinterest. Therefore, your content should be tailored to different social media and posted online at the best suitable time.


Keep your postings simple. The language must not be too difficult or technical to understand. Anybody with the basic understanding of English must be able to understand what you just posted.

Have Online Contests

Your SMM strategy could also include an online contest, which fits your brand. It could be a Twitter re-tweet contest or a Facebook sweepstakes contest. For e.g. you could ask the contestants to give a caption to the specified photo and win prizes. You can use a hashtag to track the contest entries.

Consistency of Posting Content

You must be consistent with regards to the content postings. It should be interesting to the audience. You may also post others’ content with your comments. That will indicate your understanding of the subject and the fact that you are up-to-date with the latest trends in your respective field. Sharing others’ content will also facilitate an interaction with them. They may re-tweet you in return, and expose you to their respective audience.

Use Accurate Keywords

You must use, accurate keywords or hashtag for your postings. Do not use broad or generic keywords. Narrowing down your audience by using the right keywords may help you target people who are interested in your brand.

Researching Social Media Trends

A research on the current trends will be very useful. A thorough research will help you understand what the people are clicking on. Social media analytics tools can be utilized to gather useful information on the trending popular content. That way, you can also be aware of what interests the audience and plan your postings accordingly.

Current Affairs

One must also be aware of what is going on in the industry as well as the rest of the world. That way, a brand can position itself after acquiring the knowledge of the latest in the industry news as well as the rest of the world.

Time Management on Social Media

Managing your time is very important on social media. Social media optimization (SMO) is nothing but the efficient use of social media to promote your product or brand. If you are spending 5-6 hours a week on social media and related promotions, make sure that it is productive. If the number of brands and their related social media accounts is growing, you may use social media automation tools like Hootsuite, Social Oomph, or IFTTT.

If you are just gotten your website designed by a Website Design Company, then SMO will be the next step, to promote it to attract more business. You can leverage the growing popularity of social media to your best advantage.

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Email Marketing is Bound to make an Impact on your Businesses

There is a lot of buzz surrounding Social Media and its marketing potential. The email is also an outstanding marketing channel, which is overlooked by small businesses. So, how do we go about our online marketing? Read on!

An email is still a very effective tool and has the potential to singlehandedly take on the task of e marketing a company and its products to the rest of the world. However, it has to follow certain guidelines.

Relevant Subject

Always be sure of your aims and objectives; that is, why you are emailing the person in the first place. Let the subject of your business email give them an idea about the purpose.

Email Promotions – Segmented Targeting

During course of your e marketing, do not email all your subscribers at once. You could segregate your emailing list according to city or state. You may target one segment in the first email blast and another one in the next – according to its relevance.

For example, if you are a popular restaurant chain which is opening its newest outlet in a particular city, you could send an invite to all people from that city. There is no meaning in sending out this particular business email to people residing in other cities, or it will obviously attract un-subscriptions.

Make it look Personal

Do not address your audience, as “Dear All” or “Dear Subscribers”. Call them by their first name; for e.g.“Dear Paul” or “Dear Mary”; it adds a personal touch and helps sustain a healthy professional relationship. This feature of automatically inserting individual names is present in most bulk mailing software; you may use professional software like Mail Chimp, 1And1 Mail,or e-Campaign.

Sending Newsletters

As part of the email marketing strategy, apart from product promotions, you can send out newsletters once or twice month. Subscribers love to see quality content. It can be anything like an informative article related your field or related tips.

Make a Good offer

When you run an email campaign, you need to offer your subscribers something good, like a FREE discount coupon or consultation. For example, if you are a Fitness consultant, you can offer a free consultation. If you are a restaurant, you can offer a 20% discount coupon.

Google Analytics

To check out the effectiveness of your email campaign, you can use Google Analytics to checkout your landing pages, blog and social media to monitor their engagement. You may also keep a watch for un-subscriptions. Analyzing things gives you a better understanding of how to go about your future email campaigns.

Cross Promote Channels

The email you send out to subscribers should also contain a link to promote other channels like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Avoid Spamming

Take precautions and avoid spamming. If people did not originally subscribe to your emailing list, it is best to leave them alone rather than bombarding their mailbox with spam.

An email marketing strategy, if rightly done, can directly influence a company’s growth and success. For more information on email marketing and affordable web design, contact us.