Here’s the deal for a Website Re-Design Package:

1 year Re-Registration of domain -$25

Consultation throughout - $100

Design and Develop up to 6 pages with your choice of Design Layout – $350 value

CMS – A Content Management System that allows you to change your content at any time from your own desktop - $150 value

(SEO) Basic Keyword Search Engine Optimisation allows your website to position itself in the upper ranks of Google, Bing and Yahoo – $299 value

1 Year Hosting for your Website -$160 value

Design Layout for your website - up to $350 value

Up to 5 email accounts will make your business correspondence look more professional– $90 value

12 months technical support from our Online Team who will help in setting up email accounts and how to use your CMS – $120 value

Google Analytics a must to give you necessary insights into your website’s marketing effectiveness and traffic – $100 value

WebCanny - Re-designing your old website is very important. A website built over 5 years ago will probably have lost its visual appeal. It’s probably not been optimised well to help your website rank well in popular search engines. So it’s important to re-vamp, re-vitalise your website, give it a fresh new modern day look and feel, and have it optimised so it helps your low cost website rise the search engine rankings which in turn will give your business more enquiries. In many types of business such as motels, hotels, restaurants they say a bad looking website puts off more new clients than it ever encourages. With the amazing offers we have on re-designing your current website you’ll be very happy with the results.

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